Welcome to Quaint-Moments

Capture Quaint Moments Forever

Capture Messages
and Moments

Our Digital GuestBook has been designed to capture and to create
personalised moments you can relive
and share forever.

At your party or on your wedding day
you will be busy living the dream
chatting with friends and loved ones.
Wouldn't it be great for guests to leave
personalised videos and fun photos
on the day for you to keep forever

Ask a Favour, Save a Favour!
Involve your guests and savour their memories

We Make It Simple

No apps, No downloads, No passwords

Guests simply scan a QR code
with their camera, records and upload.

Price includes 50 personalised Quaint-Moment
scatter cards for your reception,
prompting guests, freinds and family
to leave you a personal
video message or photo.

Design your scatter cards to match your stationery service available.

All videos and photos are stored securely
and only you have access to them.

Download and keep forever

It only takes a moments to create lifetime of memories ...




Price includes unlimited images and videos, private secure webstorage (upto 30 days), login for the happy couple, 50 personalised printed QR scatter cards, Free Uk Delivery.

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